Developing Energy Efficiency Projects in SMEs for European 2050 targets

DEESME 2050 will build on the developed DEESME multiple benefits approach to capacitate, assist and motivate companies to overcome the obstacles in energy efficiency measures uptake in the furniture sector and its value chain.

In order to achieve this, DEESME 2050 will involve, support and accompany companies in the implementation of energy efficiency measures based on their level of readiness. The project will also build capacities of the companies’ staff on all working levels and endorse sustainability through the preparation of financing, standardisation and replication in cooperation with associations and policymakers. 

The project objectives are to: 

  • Communicate with companies to make them consider energy efficiency in every business activity through information activities on energy risks (climate change, greenhouse gas emissions). 
  • Apply tools and methodologies in an integrated form with training activities, energy audits, investment feasibility, energy management systems available. 
  • Frame a political and regulatory scenario to show reducing energy consumption will create more competitiveness on the market and fight climate change. 
  • Facilitate the most ambitious choices of companies by systematizing economic and financial solutions already available. 

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