Roberta D’Angiolella

Senior Expert - Communications
Based in Italy

Roberta is Senior Communications expert at IEECP, where she leads the communication and dissemination of many EU-funded projects. In this role, she develops and implements outreach campaigns and strategies, including project branding, social media, digital positioning, event management, media relations and development of marketing materials. Before IEECP, Roberta worked for BPIE, a European think tank on energy performance of buildings, where, in addition to the communication management of different Horizon projects, she had a leading role in the social media strategy of the organisation. Roberta’s first work experience in the energy efficiency field was in the European buildings association, EuroACE, where she supported the political communication campaign Renovate Europe, by managing its website and social media accounts, and organising its annual high-level events (REDays).

Her passion for communication and digital channels is reflected also in her hobbies: she created and currently manages a travel blog with an Instagram page and supported the communication related to different water sports events.

Roberta graduated from the LUISS University in Rome, with a diploma in Political Science, where she got an overview of political processes on the international scene. Then, seeking to get a full immersion in the field of environment and sustainability, she enrolled in a Master programme in Denmark on Environmental and Resource Management.




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