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Decision-support tool

SocialWatt Analyser

SocialWatt Analyser is a decision support tool that has been designed to help utilities, energy providers and energy service companies identify energy poor households among their clients. Its primary purpose is to facilitate users to more effectively identify and target households in energy poverty. More specifically, SocialWatt Analyser enables utilities ...
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Monitoring and evaluation

SocialWatt Check

SocialWatt Check is a tool designed to assist utilities, energy providers, energy service companies, and other interested parties to effectively monitor and evaluate schemes being implemented. In particular, SocialWatt Check aims to monitor the effectiveness of schemes and evaluate their impact, in terms of energy savings, CO2 emission reductions, inc...
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Decision-support tool

SocialWatt Plan

SocialWatt Plan is a decision support tool designed to enable utilities, energy providers, energy service companies, and other interested parties to evaluate the performance of different schemes and actions to tackle energy poverty. In particular, SocialWatt Plan provides the user with a set of optimal portfolios, comprising different combinations of energ...
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Assessment and decision tool

Enhancing at an Early Stage the Investment Value Chain of Energy Efficiency Proj...

Triple-A has a very practical result-oriented approach, seeking to address this challenge, answering the following questions: ✔ How to assess the financing instruments and risks at an early stage?✔ How to agree on the Triple-A investments, based on selected key performance indica...
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Self-assessment tool

Self-assessment tool to spot risks of maladaptation

Many tools provide support to plan good climate adaptation but neglect the risk of maladaptation (see the definitions box). For this reason, the REGILIENCE self-assessment tool explicitly focuses on spotting potential risk factors for maladaptation as early as possible. Its objective is to help users (staff of the competent regional authority/ies f...
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Triple-A Database on Energy Efficiency Financing

The Triple-A Interactive Web-based Database is a visual representation of the most important aspects in energy efficiency financing, including the risks that could endanger the successful implementation of an energy efficiency project, the strategies that could mitigate these risks, the preferences of investors on energy efficiency investments, the financial performance of...
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Knowledge platform

Pay-For-Performance e-learning tool

Welcome to the SENSEI knowledge platform This platform provides practical information for those interested in knowing more about the details of Pay for Performance schemes, and the SENSEI model in particular. The content of the platform is organized so as to ...
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Energy savings calculation platform

streamSAVE partners will develop a user-friendly online platform to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences among stakeholders. The platform provides all stakeholders with access to a community of experts and resources to ...
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Self-assessment tool

Self-assessment tool - Supporting the development of cooperative/community bioen...

Earlier studies realised by BECoop, a project funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, showed that the knowledge and acceptance of biofuel varies from region to region in Europe, making it an untapped source of renewable energy compared to other sources such as solar or wind. To ensure bioenergy’s market expansion –with high potential for replacing fossil fuelled ...
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(Bio)energy communities toolkit

Developed by CIRCE – Centro Tecnológico, this online repository gathers in a single place existing open-source tools useful for the energy communities and bioenergy sectors. The library allows project owners to identify them more easily, navigate through them and understand which ones best fit their needs. It supports...
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e-Market Environment - (Bio)energy communities

The tool aims to develop community bioenergy projects (connecting multiple biomass providers, organise billing, etc.) and defining the required services and activities for supporting their own cases. Activating a community energy market for bioenergy: a new e-market environment connects biomass heating supply cha...
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Knowledge exchange + forum

Knowledge exchange platform - (Bio)energy communities

The Knowledge Exchange Platform is a one-stop-shop lifting collaboration barriers across regions and sectors to share information and knowledge. The platform will have both digital and physical ...
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E-learning platform - industrial energy efficiency

Interested in rising your skills on industrial refrigeration energy efficiency by e-learning? ICCEE aimed at turning energy efficiency opportunities of food and beverage companies into actual investments and finding out opportunities to improve the overall cold chain steps. With this aim, a full capacity building program dedicated to improving the energy performance throug...
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Industry Informative Network (IIN)

The Industry Informative Network (IIN) is a platform for stakeholder exchange, fostering the link between various market stakeholders and bridging the gap between demand and supply. The IIN increases the energy culture of industrial companies, warehouse, cold storage and logistic opera...
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Financing tool

Measuring retrofit performance across portfolios of buildings with eensight

A next generation energy efficiency meter named eensight was created by SENSEI. The eensight tool is based on machine learning and will contribute to the much-needed advancement of the automated measurement and verification (M&V) methods for portfolios of buildings’ energy efficiency and provide es...
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Energy poverty / justice tool

The energy Poverty Dashboard (EPD)

ENPOR monitors the dimensions of energy poverty in the PRS through the Energy Poverty Dashboard: an online tool mapping energy poverty in Europe. This energy justice information and action hub serves as a platform for stakeholders and policymakers to assess the success and failure of policies. It provides a platform for knowledge exchange within and between different natio...
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Knowledge hub

Knowledge transfer platform - Implementing Article 7/8 of the Energy Efficiency ...

In the ENSMOV knowledge transfer platform, best practices, guidelines, case studies, training materials and country reports from the EU and beyond are available for public authorities and other ke...
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Implementation maps - efficiency first

These present the main barriers and related possible solutions to implementing the E1st principle for each policy approach, as well as the legislative and non-legislative changes required to implement them. The nine policy approaches have been selected previously and
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Supporting Public Authorities for Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies

The role of this PUBLEnEf toolbox collection is to enable policymakers on regional and local levels identify solutions to their needs on energy efficiency policy.This digital platform enhances the exchange of information and provides a large variety of supporting tools and resources for energy efficiency policy planning, devel...
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EPATEE toolbox

Online tool for putting evaluation of energy savings into practice Evaluation of energy saving policies makes it possible to get information about the effectiveness of existing policies and can help to improve the effectiveness of both current and future policies. This online guidance and support  toolbox&...
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